Main attraction – Lake Garda

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Located in a ground-floor apartment, this staircase is the beating heart of the home. Introduced during the renovation of an historic building overlooking Lake Garda, Interbau produced a paradigm of multi-functional construction
with high architectural value.

The home’s footprint is tight, only 250 square feet. This limitation developed into an advantage as the architects, Sergio Nuvoloni and Giancarlo Ravagni of Studio SNGR, thought of the steps in a novel way.

scala-da-interno-design-bianca-soluzioniThey visualized a staircase that addressed many functions. On the first floor the stair serves as the separating wall between the dining room and the bathroom; it then becomes a set of drawers and finally a cabinet. The guardrail for the second flight is stainless mesh, stretched taut. On the second floor this mesh unexpectedly turns into a twin bed.

The steel structure is painted all white, but contains small square holes, like a pegboard. These rhythmic voids lighten the impact of the structure, and permit illumination from within. Interbau has impeccably tailored this layout like a fine suit; because of those tiny details, it fits the family that lives there like a glove.


Sergio Nuvoloni and Giancarlo Ravagni

“Our first step is to understand the personality and requirements of the client, as well as the characteristics of the site. Our next step
is to propose architectural solutions that meet those goals in original and formal ways.
It’s important to work closely with the artisans who steward our designs into existence:
we get to check our concept against physical reality, and the final result brings us great joy!”