Brillant use of space

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This stair-furniture maximizes functionality with practical forms. The staircase carries people from floor-to-floor and provides storage and display space.

scala-da-interno-su-misura-design“This staircase incorporates the taste of the clients themselves: clean lines, elemental components and nothing superfluous. Interbau understood the design intent perfectly: only two materials rendered like a work of art. The outcome is better than I could have imagined and integrates stunningly with rest of the house.”

Gian Luca Montanari

scala-su-misura-a-chiocciola-da-interno-da-esternoInterbau designed and fabricated this beautiful stair to merge utility and elegance in a newly-built condominium.
The shelves and cabinets combine with the treads and risers to make accessing the bedrooms upstairs a bit more playful.

Executed flawlessly from solid wood painted white, the staircase stands out, contrasting against the clean grey floor.

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